An Expansion of Your Team

For the Japanese market, our clients can choose to work with the offshore team through Bridge Software Engineers (BrSE) or collaborate directly with each member of the team with JODC model to optimize the development process at a high level.
JODC (Japan Offshore Development Center) is an extended, integrated, and specialized offshore team supporting the Japanese organizations to implement a long-term product development strategy as well as build a strong and stable overseas project team.

Offshore model with BrSE

JODC model with Japanese-fluent Team

At NAPA, we have a dedicated team that communicates Japanese fluently and supports all stages of the project, allowing us to complete the projects on time.
We not only provide your company with high-quality services, but we also strongly support your in-house team, give you full control over projects and allow you to customize your products to your tastes. NAPA aims to become an effective right-hand for your business, delivering software solutions that satisfy high Japanese standards.

Why we are a great fit

With a young population, a workforce full of talented IT engineers, a stable environment and attractive labor costs, Vietnam is one of the top choices for most businesses in need of skilled offshore development and software outsourcing services. If you extend your team and IT capabilities to Vietnam, NAPA is definitely a great fit.


Affordable price

Vietnam is now a developing country, so the development rate of producing software applications is affordable and suitable for the Japanese business's budget. NAPA delivers reliable and scalable software applications at reasonable costs, not the cheapest, yet qualified deliverables meeting your requirements. You also reduce expenses and effort in setting up office equipment and IT infrastructure. As a result, you can speed up the project, ensuring that your software solutions are delivered on time.


Responsive to your demands

At NAPA, our IT professionals consistently adapt our clients' norms, standards and work environment while staying strongly focused on knowledge, skills, and technologies. Employing intensive expertise, we deliver top-notch custom software applications that will perfectly match your expectations. With a dedicated team working for you, any changes in requirements and specifications can be adapted immediately, assuring that your products can respond to the market's ever-changing needs and you will get a positive return on your investment (ROI).


High-level Japanese skills

NAPA developers are competent in Japanese; hence the language barrier is no longer a problem. Our engineers can speak Japanese fluently, allowing them to communicate directly with you, particularly on technical specifications. This is also a significant advantage since we can comprehend your insights down to the smallest details, allowing us to precisely define your requirements and provide state-of-the-art software solutions that are tailored to your needs.


Tight collaboration for high performance

Vietnam is not only an offshore destination but also an important growth partner for Japan. The time difference between Japan and Vietnam is only 2 hours, making most online meetings simple to arrange. Furthermore, the distance between these two countries is not very long, so you can take a flight to the Vietnam offshore center in only 5-6 hours. In addition, we established our subsidiary in Japan with a team of talented engineers and deep expertise in working with Japanese partners. Therefore, you can also interact and discuss face-to-face for more effective problem solving and performance control.

Technologies We Use

We use cutting-edge technologies in the market to provide top-notch mobile apps that highlight your presence in your industry as well as delight all your target customers regardless of the platforms.


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