Proof of Concept (PoC) Importance in Software Development

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| 13/12/2022
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The success of a software development project requires more than a brilliant idea. In fact, if an idea cannot become aligned with the market demands, you may end up investing a lot of resources into an impractical and unprofitable software product.

Proving the feasibility of a software development idea before its development is essential, and many businesses currently consider proof of concept (PoC) as an effective approach to demonstrate whether a product is workable or not. 

Definition of proof of concept 

Proof of concept plays the role of a verification methodology implemented in the initial stage of the product development lifecycle. It provides defined evidence to ensure that the idea will function as envisioned. This initial validation increases the chances of creating helpful software people like to use. Due to the significant contribution to defining the vision of the final product and its orientation, the PoC approach should involve all stakeholders in the development process. They discuss the limitations, opportunities, risks, and other factors that may interfere with the project's success. It is a significant step to lay solid ground for a smooth development process, testing, modifications, and launch.

A PoC is typically used to create documentation of requirements and technical specifications. The documentation is done internally or within a narrow stakeholder group when outsourcing.

Benefits of PoC development with business

Developing a PoC contributes to bringing success to the software development project by minimizing the potential risks, such as lacking funding or developing an unworkable software product. So, what does PoC mean in business? Let’s take a look at all the following benefits:

- It allows the business to verify the software development idea and detect the potential issues that might interfere with success.

- It brings your business internal review and feedback that help you view the project from different perspectives.

- It helps you convince stakeholders, managers, or investors that the idea is worth pursuing further.

Takeaway on PoC in software development 

Proof of concept is the initial approach to bringing a seamless journey toward developing a successful software project. A PoC helps you effectively verify the idea and see whether it is workable to comply with market requirements.

Developing a proof of concept can help a product owner identify potential technical issues, gain internal feedback to see the idea from different points of view, and strengthen or convince stakeholders about the potential of the project.

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